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About Me


M.Alan Kazlev

I'm retaining this page for now; I've also moved some stuff from the old About Me Index page here, For more see my biography

List of things i'm doing atm

blog My Gaia Community (formerly Zaadz) Blog; My Integral Transformation Blog (Integral Paradigm); My Mythoworlds Blog (Creative Writing); My Wikipedia Page



my three main interests:


especially Palaeontology and the evolution, transformations, and the phylogeny of life through Geological time


especially esotericism and occult cosmologies, and the theme of involution, evolution, and metamorphosis, leading to the ultimate Divinisation of the world

Science Fiction/ Fantastical Fiction

whether reading, writing, or worldbuilding. I co-founded the transhuman worldbuilding project Orion's Arm; currently I find myself to be more interested in what might be called Fantastical Fiction or Low Fantasy as a mythopoetic genre; more at my Mythoworlds Blog

I have been working on and off on a book called Integral Metaphysics and Transformation, which will present a new paradigm, epistemology, and understanding of reality, beyond both physicalism and religionism, and also rejecting the chaivinism, sexism, and specieism of traditional esotericism. This book provides a totally new interepretation of the Integral Paradigm, albeit one still informed by an Aurobindonian perspective


external link Here is an essay - an essay I wrote some time back - published on-line in Cybersociology magazine

external link


internal link Here is a short story ( ("cyber-grunge" quasi-science fiction)) that I've written  This is a standard text html format. It is one of the very few stories I actually finished. At one time some years ago I was thinking of making a graphic format of the same story, but am too busy on other things now.


internal link  Another short story  - This is a cyberpunk story based around a character I many years ago worked on for some time, this was intended as the first chapter of a novel, but it was never finished.



Other stuff by me (apart from this Kheper website)

on the Net:

IRC on AustNet - an example of a virtual community - by Cyberrdewd - an esay I wrote some years back, concerning the developing world of

virtual or cyberspace communities, with specific reference to IRC on the AustNet servers.  This essay appears in issue no.2 of external link Cybersociology magazine


What I believe


This website contains a lot of metaphysics, so it might seem like I am a bit eccentric as far as my understanding of Reality goes.  Well I am, in that I do not conform to either of the dominant western paradigms - the reductionist-materialist (science is all and explains everything) or the literalist-religionist (there is an external God as described in the Bible).  I am also like Agent Scully in the early seasons of the X-files in that I take a very cynical approach to many so-called psychic, cultic, spiritualist, conspiracy-ist, and other beliefs and phenomenon, which is why I reject much of the current "new age" movement.  But I am also like Dr John Lilly (Programming and Metaprogramming of the Human Bio-Computer) in that I see conceptual limitations (e.g. materialism, rationalism, reductionism, literalism, religionism, sectarianism etc) as self-imposed restrictions on consciousness.  Reality is unimaginably vast, unbounded, and full of infinite possibilities, whether physical, paraphysical, supra-physical, or non-physical.  It is our conceptual understanding that limit us to tiny little boxes.


The best story I have ever come across about the the nature of Reality is the parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant.


As for what I actually believe, well, I am an empiricist.  I accept only what is certain.  For me, certain is the light from within.  This is what I (following Plato and the Coptic Gnostics) call Gnosis.   What we perceive through our senses may

be illusory.  Indeed, quantum physics has shown that it is.  But the Light of Consciousness is - as the Kashmir Shaivites point out - absolutely certain. However, were I to align myself witha particular spiritual revelation, I would choose that of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, as theirs is the only teaching broad enough and "integral" enough to be able to encompass and explain everything, as well as not telling people to run away from the world as so many other spiritual teachings do.


For many years I was looking for a tribe to belong to, but neither the "new age" (in the broadest and most positive)-alternative nor the sci-fi geek is wholy me, although I have aspects of and strong sympathies with both. Eventually technology arrived and I found the internet where I could disseminate ideas, as earlier in this life I had been blocked by my stutter from expressing myself. I am an activist and a social-ecological idealist without a party or affiliation (I reject the social protest movement because of their political bias (protest against GWB and globalisation but not against Chinese or 3rd World human rights atrocities for example - what's wrong with demonstrating against both?), except where they are protesting against environmental destruction, where I wholeheartedly support them). I am working for a new civilization, as are many spiritual people today (spiritual of course in this context has nothing to do with religious). Only by going beyond the limitations of left and right, reductionism and acosmism, one-sided activism and backward-looking conservativism, can we arrive at the goal.


Adolescent self-endulgent list:


I wrote this some years ago and it has a somewhat adolescent and narcisstic quality about it, as do all such lists . But because some effort went into it, and because some people like reading lists like this, I've retained it. If you don't to want to read any of this just scroll down. (even better press the "back" button on your browser ;-)


age: 50


astrology sign: Aquarius with Sag moon and Pisces rising


cat or dog person: Cat Person


Keirsey Temperament Type: Idealist



Geek Code (Version 1.0.1) : GS/O -d+ p- c+++ l u e++ m++ s-/- n++ h f g+ w++ t+@ r+ y*


Geek Code: (Version: 3.1) GS/P/O dpu s-:- a+ C+++ U P L E? W+++ N o? K? w O? M? V? PS+ PE- Y PGP- t+@ 5+ X- R@ tv b++ DI D G e++ h r-- y*


Geek Code: (OA Version: 1.0.1) >H++ OA+++ M+++ L+++ P++ B++ S++ D+ Sp++ SF++ TS+++


Self-styled philosophical worldview/memetic pigeonhole : panentheistic eco-spiritual supramentalist transhumanist evolutionist


profession: at one time I was a scientific consultant (for Edugraphics - palaeontology) / science-fiction/fantasy writer / worldbuilder / esoteric philosopher


interests: meditation and self-transformation, esoteric-occult cosmology, formulating a new esoteric science, working on my web site, metaphysics, evolution and palaeontology, nature, cycling, the beach, cats, anime, the Internet, reading and writing science fiction, transhumanism, integral philosophy, and the future


nationality: technically Australian, but I consider myself a Cosmopoliton - a citizen of the Universe


date of birth: 13 Feb 1958 c.e., Holocene epoch, Cenozoic Era, Phanerozoic Eon, Current Kalpa


current abode: St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia, Earth/Gaia, Sol System, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Universe


favourite football team: none.  Sorry, I'm not into competitive sport


favourite books (fiction):

favourite books (nonfiction):



favourite movies:

  • 6 Million Years to Earth (aka Quatermass and the Pit)


  • The Crow


  • Dances with Wolves


  • Dead Poet's Society


  • Forbidden Planet


  • Gorillas in the Mist


  • Jacki Brown


  • Kamikaze Taxi


  • The King and I (with Jodi Foster)


  • La Haine


  • Lord of the Rings trilogy


  • The Matrix Trilogy


  • Master and Commander - the far side of the world


  • Pi the Movie


  • Predator


  • Romeo & Juliet


  • The Shawshank Redemption


  • Showgirls


  • Spirited Away


  • Trainspotting


favorite movie directors:


  • Peter Jackson


  • Akira Kurosawa



  • Mike Leigh


  • Ridley Scott


favourite anime:


favourite TV series:

  • Star Trek the Original Series only (specifically the earlier episodes of the first season thereof) - also here is an amazing fan project


  • Babylon 5 (the later seasons) (almost the entire last season was cut and never shown here!)


  • Dr Who


  • Futurama


  • Twin Peaks


  • Red Dwarf


  • Mr Bean



favorite bands:


favorite male vocalists:


favourite female vocalists:

  • Jewel


  • Shakira


  • P. J. Harvey



favourite movie soundtrack CD: Romeo & Juliet


favourite 'puter game: Civilization, the original


  ALIGN="LEFT" WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=80 SRC="15.png" ALT="What Video

  Game Character Are You? I am Kung Fu Master." />I am Kung Fu Master.

I like to be in

  control of myself. I dislike crowds, especially crowds containing people trying to kill me. Even though I always win, I

  prefer to avoid fights if possible. What Video Game Character

  Are You?


I find typology really fascinating. 

The way different people corerspond to different archetypes and have different

degrees of psychological development.  With myself I notice I functyion

in a differnt much more positive way on-line than off, and I suspect that

may be true of the bulk of netaholocs.  Well, who cares, the thing

is to enjoy yourself!  Anyway, here's my on- and off-line typologies.

My Typology

Jungian: Introvert

Intuition-Thinking type

Keirsey Temperament Type: Idealist

General typology

Christopher Hills:


From Tickle Tests

Visionary PhilosopherCongratulations, Alan!

Your IQ score is 135

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

Your Intellectual Type is Visionary Philosopher. This means you are highly intelligent and have a powerful mix of skills and insight that can be applied in a variety of different ways. Like Plato, your exceptional math and verbal skills make you very adept at explaining things to others - and at anticipating and predicting patterns.

(shux, I knew it :-))

Some More Photos:














On the bridge of the Enterprise


Another picture of me, dating to early or mid 1990s.  Sorry about the red-eye flash thing. This is me at the helm of Enterprise.


Books, papers, and potted plants


Some of my room. Books, photocopies, and potted plants. Yep, my room is a mess! I have heaps more books in the hallway and living room, but unfortunately the cable on the webcam (which i used for the screen capture) doesnt extend very far, so for now there are only pictures of my room. This photo was taken in 2003


Bonnie and me


Bonnie and me. Bonnie was a beautiful Rhode Island Red hen who taught me a great deal about the sensitivity if animals. This photo was taken in July 2007




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