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Respectable biography Respectable biography (needs updating); page with some irrelevant material

Disrespectable biography Disrespectable biography


Local link Current work


external link New Science Fiction project: FreehaulerAlcione


Wikipedia My Wikipedia Page (with my contributions to and thoughts on Wikipedia)


external link interview - John LeKay interviewed me for Heyoka Magazine (Volume 34 Spring 2010), same interview in Nonduality magazine (vol 1)


 Palaeos - the history and evolution of life on Earth (originally co-authored with Toby White); site currently not being updated but hopefuly will get to it some day


Orion's Arm Orion's Arm transhuman science fiction worldbuilding project, which I initiated/co-founded, but am not at the moment actively involved with.


Old blogs, no longer being updated: blog Integral Transformations replaces Gaia Community (formerly Zaadz) Blog (no longer current), Integral Transformation (Integral Paradigm), and Mythoworlds (Creative Writing)



email: No public email at moment sorry. You can contact me via social media.

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