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Robert Searle

Robert Searle - self-portrait
Robert Searle - self-portrait

Robert Searle was born on April 30th 1961 at Upton Hospital, Slough in England. His family were middle-class. His father who lives in Oxford is a structural/civil engineer who has been involved in a number of major jobs. His mother passed away unexpectantly near the end of 2005. Her ancestors were Huguenots who fled France to avoid persecution.

i).Early Years, and Work.

Searle was educated at the Royal Free, and at a private school in Windsor called the Tutorials. His main interests then were art,and history. He had a remarkable gift for drawing (especially instant portraiture which he still retains), and painting.

He once acted as an unofficial weekend helper to the guide of the Curfew Tower at Windsor Castle (circa 1974-76). He also had the privilege of entering the huge "secret" tunnel, or sally port which tourists were not allowed to see. He was a keen photographer, and loved visiting other historical places. He also travelled to countries like Spain, France, and Germany.

Because of his interest in history he had a fascination for archaeology, and undertook practical work at the excavation site in Wraysbury near Windsor.He even wrote an article for Young Rescue about the dig at old Windsor in 1975 drawing his data from the Guildhall which incidently hosted the marriage of Prince Charles,and Camilla in 2005.

After attending the Tutorials he went onto College where he was studying french,biology,and history. He was intending to study archaeology at the University of London but decided not to.

After he left College he took jobs as a clerical worker notably for Sony, and Department of Health, and Social Security. He also later became a self-employed horticulturist.

Indeed, he has relatives on his fathers side who are the world experts on orchids. They are a part of the Austrian Von Rittershausen family. The word Rittershausen means the House of the Knight, and has a coat of arms with a latin motto meaning Iron Will. Its history can be traced a long way back in time, and consisted of a line of powerful barons.

Apart from being a horticulturist he has also been a professional fundraiser which he ultimately learned to hate. He believes that there is far better way of helping charitable non-goverment organizations,or NGOs which is discussed in his "working paper" on Transfinancial Economics that can be found on the Kheper website.

ii) A Seeker After Truth, and the Psycho-Spiritual Dimension.

To return to when he was a child he had a number of psychic experiences which made him re-think his life, and purpose.In August 1977 serious intellectual interest was ignited by a book entitled The Unknown Power by Guy Lyon Playfair. This dealt with Brazilian Spiritualism, along with science, and the paranormal in general. He became a member of the Society for Psychical Research, a respected "scientific" organization concerned with such matters. He has also been connected with other "groups" notably the Theosophical Society.

At the age of 16, and 17 he wrote a projected book dealing with the possible explanations for paranormal events plus a novel concerned with post mortem existence. Unfortunately, they did not go into print. The same occured with his paper in 1977 for the Galpin Society which was concerned with reviving ancient Etruscan Music. By using existing data (largely iconographical), and connecting it up for the first time with the poetic incantations of Italian peasants who gave clear references to Etruscan (pre-roman) gods! This information was recorded in a book (published in 1892) by Charles Godfrey Leland.

As an adult though he published a number of articles on eastern esoteric subjects. Four appeared in a small but scholarly journal called The Pentacle which sadly folded. His work though has appeared in Yoga Today, and its successor Yoga, and Healing for which he also divised a few competitions. He has essentially written on Indian Mysticism. He has met, and in certain cases interviewed a number of gurus visiting Britain. They include such people as Ma Yogashakti, Swami Chidananda Maharaj, Ravi Shankar, Mata Amritanandamayi, Shivabala Bala Yogi, S.A.A. Ramaiah, Kehar Singh, Mataji Nirmala Devi, and the like.

iii) The Two Landmark Projects.

Robert Searle is a great believer in self-education in such subjects as philosophy,psychology, physics,mathematics, et al. However, he realizes now that he must somehow come into contact with academics if his two revolutionary research, and developments projects are to be taken seriously in any way. The first of these is a socio-economic system:-

A. Transfinancial Economics (TFE).

This is arguably the most advanced type of monetary reform in the world. It believes that new unearned money can be created without the need for taxes, or indeed, fundraising in many cases. Advanced computer technology could be used to control inflation electronically, and with price flexibilty totally unimaginable, and impossible with the clumsy prices, and wages policies of the past..

A futuristic, but realistic political philosophy is also under development with the tentative title of Positive Human Politics, or PHP. It tries to understand the nature, and purpose of ourselves in relation to social,economic, and political advancement.

As for TFE, it is hoped that in a few years time a book entitled The Non-Taxation Revolution;Monetary Reform,and Global Justice will be published. It is the first of its kind as it shows how a new, and revolutionary understanding of money would change the entire planet.

It should be said here that a paper (with direct references unlike the internet one on the Kheper website) was actually accepted by a scholarly peer reviewed journal of high standing. After signing copyright clearance forms though Searle had a dispute with the editor/publisher, and withdrew it. At the time of writing, it has been sent elsewhere.

B. Multi-dimensional Science (MDS).

Multi-Dimensional Science, or MDS (also referred to as the Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis) if true could be the greatest "scientific" invention in history. It offers for the first time a methodology in which we can objectively understand how non-physical spiritual, and psychic phenomena could be proved (albeit indirectly),and hence, how this could work for the advancement of humanity.

Searle believes that ideas, and mathematics similiar to modern physics do have a huge relevance in the research, and development of MDS even though some of the findings may be partly, or wholly ineffable. Moreover,he has suggested that some non-physical phenomena could be "accurately" described, and made "provable" by using semiotic,or symbolic type coding when it comes to mystical ascents into "higher worlds".

It is hoped that a book will result entitled The Multi-Dimensional Hypothesis; The New Psychic, and Spiritual Paradigm. This project will take longer than TFE. A degree in physics will be unnecessary as its basic thesis can be created, and explained by anyone. However, those with an academic background in the sciences, and to some extent in the arts will be necessary to forward the research, and development of this new "science," or hypothesis. An Association for Multi-Dimensional Science (AMS) may be set up.

Furthermore, Searle is creating a worldwide directory of well-known, and more importantly little known esoteric societies whose mystical, and psychic knowledge may prove invaluable for the theoretical dimension of MDS. This project when completed, and published will probably be the most comprehensive ever produced. Simple codes may be used to reduce the amount of information given per entry of this projected directory.

Of course, top academics around the globe should be researching, and developing MDS, and TFE but this is not the case because these evolving subjects are too advanced, and radical for most of them. They both represent a quantum leap in human understanding.

Robert Searle hopes to self-publish two other directories. These deal with business opportunities, and ideas plus one on nutritional health, and healing. They would be sold via mail order, and/or the internet. He is concerned among other things about setting up businesses to fund his two research, and development projects of MDS, and TFE.

iv) Certain Other Interests.

Apart from his two landmark projects he also has lesser interests notably Voice Instrumental Music. This is the use of the vox humana as if it were a musical instrument. It is a huge subject with great potential not fully appreciated. There are many examples of it such as Tuva throat singing, the Jewish nigun, Beatboxing,the Hollywood Sound Effects Choir, the Swingle Singers, et al. Searle hopes to make some pioneering contribution in this obscure area of music.A book will hopefully result entitled The Voice As Instrumental Music; Exploring A Serious Art-Form.

As well as the above he has a number of other "hobbies" which include travel, history, art, power-walking, and quality art movies. His favourite films are notably Prosperos Books, The Baby of Macon, The Draughtmans Contract, the Piano, Devdas, Downfall, Goodbye Lenin, Amelie, Amazing Grace,and the like.

Apart from good interpretations of early music (especially Praetorious, Susato, and other dance works) his other musical interests include Enya, Lisa Gerrard, Kate Bush, John Lennon, Holst the Planets, the 1812 Overture, choral, film/tv music in general.....and so on.

He was also a great fan of David Munrow who did so much to popularize early music in the 20th century. He may do a possible biography of him.

He has been witness to a few historical events at Windsor Castle most notably the great fire in 1992. This made worldwide news.

In 1993 he was initiated into Surat Shabd Yoga.

The above bio-data may be subjected to further updates in the future.

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