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Authors and Contributers - The Kheper Website

M.Alan Kazlev M.Alan Kazlev - kheper author, new age cynic, techno-spiritual futurist, animal rights advocate, and integral grand view visionary

Steven GuthSteven Guth - spiritual canberran, land use reformer, and advocate of a new way of understanding, main author Ecognosis section

Arvan HarvatArvan Harvat - take no prisoners critiquer of esoteric psychobabble and theory-of-everything fiascos

Robert Searle

Tony Fearnside

Pat Revels

"st" - poetic musings and comments on nonduality


Previous Authors - (incomplete list - more to be added)

Yakov Leib haKohain - old page - new page (off site)

Evgueni Tortchinov (off site)

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