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Beyond ANZAC day

Steven Guth

I have been wondering about all those spirit names in the Abramelin. Where do they come from? I was given a partial answer during meditation yesterday.

For some time I have been wondering about who the masters were who spoke to the early Theosophical people. Sure, the whole Theosophical movement came out of the Spiritualist movement with its feeling that anything that comes from the "other side" has to be considered as more valuable than its face value would suggest. This has given the "Masters" a quality that they may never really have had. I also query whether what presented itself as a Master, or a Master's message, is really always so.

The Theosophical Society in Canberra has a small meditation group that meets once a week for a session for an hour our so at different locations in Canberra. All the locations are - in one way or another - sacred or national sites.

Yesterday, the day after Anzac (Australia's Soldier's National Memorial Day) the meditation group - seven of us - met behind the War Memorial at the foot hill of Mt Ainslie. Ainslie is a mountain with a kind, loving an caring energy. Understandably the War Memorial shrine sits at its base and is welded into Canberra and the Australia landscape by roads, ley lines and plantings. The War Memorial shrine contains the names of all the soldiers who died in wars that involved the Australian Nation. Through it move visitors - about a million a year (in a Nation of about 20 million) and the shapes and the feelings of the lost souls of the war dead. The building is being cleared and its nature changed but some war dead can still be sensed, particularly in the Shrine chapel, a basilica like room with service people depicted in stained glass and mosaic under a cupola depicting in Theosophical terms the assent into heaven - which is finally accessed through a symbolic hole in the roof. The skeleton of an 'unknown soldier' rests in a central grave. The soldier came from the fallen of the first world war and is a link to the battlefield from which his body was recovered.

The meditation group sat in a rough circle on a carpet of leaves under the gum trees at midday on a perfect autumn day. I quickly went into a light meditation, Kathrine, siting 5 metres to my right coughed and there appeared in front of my meditative eyes a person in a World War One soldier's helmet. The face was unclear but it seemed to have been called to the scene by Kathrine's barking cough. Was it there to give healing? What was it anyway? I projected my consciousness into it and to my great surprise suddenly found myself in the Australian camp that was near the great pyramid in Egypt. A holding camp for troops before they were allocated to kill and be killed on behalf of the British Empire. I've seen spectacular pictures of the camp with the great pyramid towering in the background. Yesterday I had an aerial view.

Immediately after that came a view of the passageways inside the pyramid which were filled with spirit shapes and energies. It quickly came to me that the pyramids were build to draw in and keep in a convenient location some of the ghosts that were attached to tombs throughout Egypt. The War Memorial with its shrine chamber having a similar, but perhaps more limited, function for the Australian Nation.

Then came the realisation that the Egyptians had a system going to turn the dead into their servants. They buried their dead in such a way that they remained within the frequency range of people living in bodies to perceive and use.

In the part of my life when I had daily contact with Aboriginal families I was exasperated to see the low level of care that went into child raising of children who were obviously deeply loved and wanted. As my friendships grew the explanation became clear - dead children where not lost, they remained with the family in their soul state. So a loved dead child is never lost, just transformed. Chinese ancestor worship is based on a similar relationships between the living and the dead, deals being struck with the living giving prayers of release and the dead manipulating events to help their descendents.

It also became apparent to me that the rituals and techniques the ancient Egyptians used gave many of the Egyptian spirit ghosts an extraordinary long existence, spanning thousands of years. It began to seem that I had in front of me a cat or a dog spirit that had attached itself to the body an Australian soldier who had syphilis. The ghost's technique for continuing its existence was to attach itself to and use the energy of living but susceptible people. By now this long dead pet had developed and almost human personality.

I felt that there must be hundreds upon thousands of these beings floating around Egypt. From pet spirits to servants, from priests to kings. Access them, guide them and control them and you have familiars that will do your bidding. Strike a deal with these guys and they will spend some of their thousands of years with you.

So this is why the occultists of the preceding two centuries were so keen to get to Egypt and why Abraham visited Abramelin in the Egyptian desert near Luxor and the Valley of the Kings in the middle ages. That may well be where his Guardian Angel, the four servants of the day and the names of Spirits (who fulfil specific tasks) came from. Undoubtly unless redeemed they are still around us today - spreading to the four corners of the globe.

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