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Considering Islam

Steven Guth

Note: the following will also appear in the December Sacred Earth magazine.

When I woke on the 9/11 things were nearly back to normal. The earth felt almost as it had before. After 11/9 the earth felt different. Did you notice a change?

But to explain I need to go back in time.

In my struggle to understand Islam - undoubtedly the strongest religious energy on the planet - I have had to reinvent a new cosmology, a world view that is both ancient and ultramodern.

In the 1950's I believed that the earth was watched over by a benevolent father spirit who, on prayerful request, would send down angels to help us cope with the devils that entered our lives from the underworld.

Since then I have come to learn that the earth is a open system attached to a sun that in turn floats in the Orion arm of a galaxy that we call the milky way. A galaxy with a billion suns and billions of planets all set apart at distances so great that they challenge human experience. I now know that all this is set into a firmament of uncountable billions of similar galaxies stretching for an unimaginable 14 billion light years into the distance.

Another open system that I know about is one that I can understand. It is a child's swimming pool. Into this tiny puddle - seemingly from nowhere - arrive green slime, black algae, water beetles and assassin bugs. A whole ecosystem set into motion within a week.

I have come to accept that planet earth and swimming pools are similar open systems. Influences rain in from the stars. Astrology is an attempt to explain some of these influences. Astronomer Fred Hyole staked his considerable reputation on the idea that viruses travelled to earth on meteorites. We know recognise that bacteria forms could be great travellers - they survive the vacuum and radiations of interstellar space.

I've come to believe ideas can come from the stars. I have experienced consciousness arriving . The clearest time was during a lecture series at Canberra's Mt. Stromlo observatory. There was a presence in the hall that kept telling us backward earthlings that E=MC squared was an idea that needed revision. People in the room experienced the same thought and jiggled the astronomers with questing propositions.

Incidently this inflow of ideas seems strongest at the solstices and equinoxes. It seems most noticeable inside buildings located on significant earth sites. Test it out as Xmas.

Now, I have come to understand that Devas are also intergalactic travellers. (Deva = a conscious being with energy focuses that often attaches itself to a locations.) Devas don't travel in space ships but in thought, in consciousness. Small ones seem to flit around in space like algae spores and alighting on any planet that comes their way. On suitable planets they survive and create around themselves the things that interest them... So new life forms come into existence - consider the impossible worms that live on sulphur sprouting from volcanic fistulas deep under the earth's oceans - a life form once considered impossible and only recently discovered.

There are many types and subsets of devas. Mystics, the Christian church and esoteric schools have all tried to place them into the human terms of their time, calling them hierarchies, aspects of god or rays. But perhaps all explanations are inadequate in a cosmos with billions upon billions of possibilities.

I suspect that conscious ideas and devas are arriving all the time. Some find their way into human minds. Some power the evolutionary processes. Some create machines or bodies for themselves out of the materials of the earth, accumulating earth elements into shapes to fit their needs - like sea animals making their shells. Flying saucers may well be apports created by thought consciousness from who knows where. Space people the reformation of material taken from earthly life forms.

Does all this sound impossible? Well, apports happen, we accept that consciousness can does create material results, possessions are a fact of daily life. We live in a sea of consciousness and some of us can distance read what is happening in other places. In a few thousand years perhaps we will be able to visit distant galaxies, their suns and their planets in thought consciousness. Perhaps - like long distance runners apporting themselves to distant places - primitive people could once visit the stars.

Now setting all this aside.

On the 15/9 a relative rang me from Singapore, a fundamentalist Christian she said, "The end of the world has come." I replied, "No, it will all be over in a few days." I was wrong and I was forced to explore the Muslim world. I am doing this through the web (for a fascinating Australian magazine see www.islam.org.au/info) by mediation and by personal contact.

I am going to write about my meditational insights but first my a few words about the Islamic friends I have made. After an interfaith Christain/Muslim discussion - attended by about 80 people at the Indonsian Embassy - I asked if I could visit a mosque during prayer time. "Do you want to pray?" "No," I responded, "I usually just sit up the back and mediate." This was well received and I was invited to Friday prayers. Prayers were held in the new Canberra Islamic Centre in the far south of Canberra. There were about a dozen people from almost as many language and ethnic groups. English was the common language and I was impressed at the compassion the people radiated. The often used "Insahlla"seemed to mean "I have no attachment to the outcome of events" rather than the usually translated "If it pleases Allah." I wondered if was amongst a Buddhist Kwan Yuan group. I keep going to the Friday prayers and hope to be able to help to get the CIC's idea of the "Canberra National Islamic Library" functioning as an environment from which cultures, civilizations and energies can intersect and develop. I was delighted to learn about this project ... I see it an example of the planetary spiritual/political role Canberra will play in the near future.

My meditative exploration of Islam has been difficult, very difficult and at times depressing. I used visualizations of the insides of mosques that I have visited as entry points to my reflections. Soon I had black panthers lurking in the corners around my personal space. They prowled, they jumped up and snarled, exposing long incisors backed off and starting again. It took me more than a week to connect them to the American 'Black Pathers' negro group. Seemingly I had stumbled on a force set up to discourage mediative investigations into Islam.

I than used the Kabah as a focal point for my visualizations. In the centre stands a stone cube with its peanut shaped black meteorite. Usually draped in black cloth the cube is the central point in Makka and is the place towards which Muslims face when they pray. The direction is marked on the ceiling of bed rooms in Muslim countries.The building around the cube can accommodate a million worshipers at a time. Perhaps between a quarter to a half billon people pray towards the cube every day, many millions 5 times a day. The total Islamic population of the earth is about a billon. As a focal point for accumulated astral power the Kabah makes the Vatican or Canberra's Parliament House seem like toy boxes.

I soon perceived that the area in the Kabah spun like a dervish dance. Pilgrams move in a circle around the cube and there is an apparent spin in the cube itself. It moves in a horizontal axis. This is something I have never seen before. Infact in my mind's eye the Deva associated with the Kabah is strange. It is smoother and more refined that other devas that I have experienced or seen illustrated by people like Geoffrey Hodson. Its outside is almost metallic with no wisps of coloured spray. It reaches up into the sky, perhaps to 5,000 metres. After a few weeks I came to the conclusion that what I was being shown was a fire deva with its head in the planet and its tail exiting into the biosphere. The image of a sperm fertilising an egg comes to mind. I decided to call this Deva 'big M'.

I dowsed other exit points for big M. There are many, the dome of the rock in Jersalem is a point, a mountain in Somalia is a point of 'intellectual' exit, Manhattan island has become an important exit point and so on. In Australia Mt Matlock, about 100 kms to the west of Melbourne seems the main exit.

Trying to understand the nature of big M I let my imagination sink into its energy stream. Carrying this with me I asked the local devas around me what I was experiencing. They looked at me in puzzlement, shrugged their shoulders (if they had any) and responded, 'We don't know, never seen such a thing before.' I tried to gauge what I was feeling. It seems that big M has little time for people, far preferring animals and plants. Fish make no impression at all.

But perhaps the most amazing thing about big M is its newness. Indeed it seems to have arrived sometime between AD 300 and 500, buried itself into the centre of the earth and influenced people and events into making it possible to become the dominant force on the planet. A new god arrived on earth in the first millennium.

So that is why the Bible and writings that predate its arrive call this period the end of the world. What is happening is new. It comes from interstellar space and not from the usual gods and devas that inhabit the earth. The eventual outcome, will big M through plague or fire be able to change the world to suit its patterns of likes and dislikes? I don't think there is a clear answer, many gods, devas and beings exist on the earth. The ones that have been here for some time have learnt to live with each other. I guess in time the influence of big M will be held in check by the 'old wise ones.'

I think that's what happened after the 11/9. Somehow the influence of big M was restrained and the planet see sawed back to something like its old equilibrium. I don't for a minute doubt that big M will spring forth again, and suspect that this is something big M has done on many occasions in the past, slowly changing and modifying things to suit his, or is it her, needs.

Post script.

If all this sounds really weird - and it does to me - I refer you to Marko Pogacnik's latest book, Earth Changes, Human Destiny. Coping and Attuning with the Help of the Revelation of St John (Findhorne Press 2000). I got the book two days ago, working my way through it and I am amazed and frightened by the experiences Marko is relating. I think he has connected to big M without the insight that she is a new arrival.

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