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Meditation at the Royal military college, Duntroon

Steven Guth

General Bridges grave is famous. It is the only structure designed by Walter Burley Griffin that has ever been built in Canberra.

The marble grave with its surrounding low wall sits on a ridge in the middle of the college, next to the walkway that links the old and new parts of the college. Nearby is the munitions dump.

The site feels like it may once have been a small bora ring. Nesting on the eastern side of Mt Pleasant, near the junction of Woolshed Creek and the Molonglo river it is in place where the largest number of aboriginal artifacts were collected in the Canberra area. Near the grave and the dump is an acre of surprisingly unspoilt bushland with native grasses and a dense understorey. It is here where the six of us found places to sit.

It took me about ten minutes to clear my mind and find my way into the site, as I did so I sensed the shadows of aboriginal people in the sunlight that flickered through the trees. They came, looked at us and faded away. Curious, or perhaps just acknowledging our exsistance.

Soon a welcoming breath of wind came shock the trees, and swirled around. A wind deva she was quite large and seemed to encompass the whole of the Mt Pleasant and Peace Hill corner of Canberra's parliamentary triangle. She certainly did not extent into the Mt Ainslie wilderness area. Perhaps her focus was the grave. She visited two or three times. She was happy, cheerful and welcoming. She wore an old Aboriginal expression.

As the hour progressed everything became warmer, softer and more peaceful. I found it hard to will myself into returning to the everyday world of Canberra and the tasks of Thursday afternoon.

We gathered around our cars and chatted awhile, reluctant to leave. We all had a soft, peaceful and comfortable experience. As Carol said, "How strange that all this peace should be in the middle of a Military College. Well, perhaps, the Military are now training Peace Keepers."

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