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Meditation at Parliament House

Steven Guth

On Monday Geoff Campbell sent me the flyer for his forthcoming theosophical lecture on the Devas of Canberra. It pictures the huge yellow Deva of Parliament House, with two small Devas on either side, one over the Senate and the other over the House of Representatives.

By coincidence, a few days before I walked through the native planting area that fills in the space between the rectangular building and State circle - a moat with an encircling stream of traffic that insolates the site and helps it build up its special feeling of place.

Because some of us were away, there were only five of us in our weekly meditation group. We meet on the circular mosaic looking up at the public entrance. The mosaic with its encircling flow of water is a microcosm of Parliament House with its encircling traffic. After our usual greetings we left the forecourt and wondered off to the eastern side of the building searching for a suitable spot in the native plantings.

The plantings are strange. Only Australian natives are used, all closely packed so as to create a dense understorey. The ground is covered with natural leaf fall. It's a park that could almost have happened by itself. The area is cut by red gravel tracks winding their way through the space. Patches here and there are wet as sprinklers water now here, now there. The area is at best 100 metres wide and noisy, but it does serve to isolate the building. The original intention was that the plantings would mirror the entrance foyer with its marble tree scape and its veneered embossings of native flowers, making the whole of Parliament a sub set of the unique Australian landscape. This certainly hasn't happened. The foyer - with its adjoining hall and forest tapestry - is uncomfortable, isolated and unimpressive.

I found a place to sit, dropped on the leaf mat, leant against a tree and didn't move a muscle for 50 minutes. That's odd for me, I usually move to ease my body's aches by moving about here and there.

I was soon aware that I was sitting in no ordinary place. The energy flows and activity was terrific. I think it was fortunate that I sat facing the centre of Parliament or my body could have been thrown out of sync. The energy came in waves, the traffic noise began to sound like waves washing on a rocky outcrop. I became aware that I was inside the consciousness of a water deva of considerable proportions.

This fitted in with impressions I had gained eight months before when I visited the politician's area in the House of Representatives. Every ten or fifteen metres one brushes against tentacles that hang from the ceiling set into blobs of goo. It feels like walking around underwater in a cave festooned with jelly fish. I suspect that the blobs are extraterrestrial and come from some place where their water is more like our air. They seemed to have little individual consciousness or intelligence, they kept themselves going by sucking energy off the people who brushed against the tentacles. I have no idea why they are there or what, if anything, controls them.

Incidently, the Senate corridors, on the western side of the building are totally different. I once did a brief mediation in a Senators's office and meet a controlling underground being, a sort of queen ant intelligence (and this is the image that came to mind) that regarded the politicians as we would regard cattle - beings to be pushed and shoved around to satisfy various devious ends. The ant queen was using - and creating - the politican's need for power achieve her ends.

It is not surprising that there should be such strong undersea and underground feelings in Parliament House. Its underground. Well, its underneath where Capital Hill used to be. To make space for the structure the Capital Hill was removed and it's core mined out. Floors were added until the roof reached the orginal ground level. Yes, Parliament House sits in the realm of the underworld, a tardus in the realm of Ahriman and the giants. A location within a moat of trees and traffic.

But to return to the mediation. There was no doubt that we were being watched, interrogated and tested. This came from the space above the central core of the building. I let my consciousness sink into the ground and soon found myself pulled up into a vortex of consciousness that jetted me up high into the sky. I felt like a dust particle caught in a fountain. It seemed as if there was an in-turning doughnut of energy around the central spire. It was a great feeling and I let myself play within the fountain's stream for a few rounds, drifting back to my body after floating off to the sky.

I was clear to me that this central devic force was totally different and much larger than the water deva associated with the House of Representatives. I tried to grasp the hugeness of it. What was its interest in us? It wasn't a focused intent, I couldn't even call it curiosity. Perhaps it was an awareness leading to co-operation. Although I have my doubts about the intentions of the Devas the Senate and the House I have no such feeling about the central being. It is beyond politicians, party politics or anything else that we can consider human.

I tried to enter into the Deva's chakra points. Each chakra is separate in Devas - as it is in people - but their separation seems more complete than ours. Their doing areas are different from their thinking areas and there seem to be many different types of thinking. All this seems to take place simultaneously. Trying to find something I could understand I tried to place myself in the area - about five chakra points from the base where Theosophical artists tend to place a Deva's humanised face. Here I got a goat's head, the goat of Aries. The suggestion comes to mind that the central Parliament House Deva is associated with the horoscope rather than our planet.

At this point I gave up - puzzled, even bemused. I hope it all makes a sense to you, maybe you know who, or what she is and what's going on. But a warning. Nothing happened to us, but I think it may have been a close call. Parliament House is an area with evil as well as splendour. Travel carefully.

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