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A technomusic event - an ecognosis perspective

Techno can connect you to the living pulse of the earth.

Steven Guth

Note: the following will also appear in the December Sacred Earth magazine.

The author doesn't do drugs but through mediation techniques access the areas that techno affectionards find rewarding. He describes his experiences in gentle occult terms.

The setting, "Bibaringa."

It is now about 8 months since we moved to Bibaringa, the hilly 500 acre horse agistment property 8 km and 10 minutes drive from Canberra's parliamentary triangle.

Our house is situated on the Mt. Stromlo ridge and is open to the four directions. East lies Canberra city, west is the great Australian Snowy Mountain wilderness. To the north is university Observatory complex - from where cosmic thoughts have been weaved since 1904. From the south, along the Murrumbidge corridor, blow the cold high altitude arctic winds, these are called 'Shiva winds' because they enhance spiritual consciousness and so are the precursers of change.

The original owner of our house used the lounge room as a home church for Christian ceremonies and bible readings. I think that these activities hindered the manifestation of the devic forces that pre owned the house site. The treed farm with its seventy pet horses, hundreds of free roaming kangaroos, and thousands of birds has remained rich in devic life. But the house had its problems - particularly an aggressive female ghost who tried to keep us away. The house problems passed when I accepted custodianship of the property from the aboriginal dreaming man who cared for the ridge, its sites and pathways.

The first to reappear was a gnome. He was easy to visit via a spiral into the ground. He told me about the wisdoms he gets from the stars, which he keeps locked in crystals and releases he senses the time is right - these flow via an underground ley into central Canberra. In time other gnome types have appeared, one even helped me write an article what is wrong with modern money.

Now a air deva, a sylph, is making her home on our ridge. On windy days she becomes huge and powerful making the household hum with her energy. Its an 'off the ground' sort of feeling. Slowly the sylph has been increasing her contact with Canberra's ceremonial and mountain devas. It is through these beings that the future of Australia and the world is being formed.

For better or for worse we are part of all this. We are caught up in the creative forces. One of the things that happened recently was our involvement in the creation of a new Deva - a thought form that links Mt Corree in the Snowy Mountain wilderness to developing events in Canberra. Here is the story of that event.

"Bubblecode" was the name of the Technomusic event.

Why did we, of all people, do it? It seemed like a good idea at the time. Part of being a custodian is to make 'one's land' available to others.

Who gave us the idea? Friends of son Robert, but in truth I think for a long time there has been the desire by the local landscape angels to interact with people. I now think that there was another reason. A desire by the beings, the gods, the consciousness (struggle for words) that are active in Canberra to establish contacts so that they can weave the desired future.

How? The site was easy to select. A spot much favoured by roos it had its own access gate to the Cotter Rd tourist drive. It also had an open view to Mt Corree the wise old man of the Brindabella range. Mt Corree enjoys human contact and is easy to travel to in one's imagination.

Ben was the musical director and organised of the dance party. A week before the event he and three of his friends went to the site and started to set up. The first thing was the 4 metre high pyramid. This formed the ceremonial entrance to the site. We sat under this, faced Mt Corree and meditated. This appeared to establish a narrow ley line - a line of consciousness - between the Snowy wildreness and the site.

In the next five days the site seldom left my mind. I visited, mediated and watched a huge pan developing, he was international and keen to be at the party to add his touch of magic. On two afternoons I was overcome with an incredible etheric weakness and dropped off to sleep, aware that some part of me was being used to build up the site. Clearly, a ritual of some power was soon to be enacted.

Interestingly, and significantly, no money thoughts were attached to the party. Otherwise people contributed of their time, skill and often meagre financial resources. I suspect that thoughts of unreasonable profit have become a way for terrible beings of greed and anger to enter into human affairs. These beings have a different game plan, they seek to drag humankind on the path of involution into the centre of the earth (what occultists call the 9th sphere).

Ben and his tribe organised the generators, lights, speakers and amplifiers. He also did a little publicity for the event. The final amplifiers were analog, digital sound seemingly is less effective, being harder for the human body and nature kingdoms to read. The speakers were designed to push the musical 'doff' beat through the ground rather than simply place it in the air.

Ben arrived Friday morning in an overloaded kombi and started to set up. Persian rugs, old furniture, bales of hay, a parachute (as a tent for the electronic equipment). Also added were 50 tea candle lights inside paper lanterns, ultraviolet floro lights, florescent tape, overhead projectors, more pyramids, gas burners, food and heaps of other stuff.

Gradually all this was assembled to make a combined corroboree ground and Feng Shui circle. There were aspects of both designs ideas, the fire and tail of the corroboree ground and the nine fold circular division of Chinese Feng Shui.On reflection, I suspect that the lay out and the days of preliminary spiritual work that I was dragged into doing for the site were important.

As the night progressed I sensed that we were inside a huge bubble and outside were the forces of hate, anger, destruction and frustration that couldn't get in. People with alcohol in their breath manifested these beings in their vapour but the huge bon fire quickly gobbled them up. I am told that at indoor dance parties these beings usually are present and wreak havoc.

The events ten techno composers each had a minimum set of about an hour. The group - of about 150 at midnight - appreciated the change in style and the slight changes in the basic doff beat which is seemingly the base of all techno music. Boxes with slides and dials where manipulated to create new sounds. Computers with on screen dials and gadgets were used. Music was being created on the spot for the location, the event, the audience. Strange music, almost instrumental but more primitive.

I let myself sink into the music and allowed it to create images in my mind. The bubble changed, it became a living sponge in which we, as people, pulsated - in and out - the primal pulse of the planet earth's water borne breathing. Images of trlavites came to mind - moving on the sandy ocean floor with the flow of the waves ... the earth's creative evolutionay force.

Feelings came through my solar plexus and warmed my spine, slowly moving upwards and downwards. As the night progresses the primal rhythm tried to get up my spine and out through the top of my head. I couldn't release it. Later, techno freaks told me that dancing is needed to release the accumulated energy. My sexual energy was increased, but this was an unformed, loving thing rather than being directed at any particular person.

As the party progressed more people arrived. We sat around the fire and chatted. We watched the video displays. We enjoyed the fire stick twilling, comparing artists and the flame patterns. People wandered around in dress ups or simply allowed themselves the pleasure to feel open in their behaviour.

Did people take drugs? If so, it may have been necessary for some of the people involved. Nurtured by TV, locked into boxes, schooled in reduced awareness, religioned with books and unreached by initatiates how else could they step outside their entrained rational consciousness to experience the mystical and spiritual?

But it was more than that. Pan used the people. As the party progressed friends spoke to friends on their mobiles and by 2 am an uncountable 500 plus people were weaving in and out of the experience. We had planned for about 100, the car park overflowed and hundreds of cars parked along the Cotter road with a police car on patrol. Uninvited the police couldn't enter the property. The party had became a happening.

What happened? Pushed by the music, the planetary pulse of life flowed into all. Relaxed in the triple safety of private property, good Feng Shui and the bubble of spiritual protection people became neuro transmitters between the devic kingdoms above and below the ground.

Lots of meeting was going on. Mt Corree found its way into the ground. Old aboriginal beings came, accepting the doff music as if it were the stamping of a hundred feet. And there was pan or something giving love and warmth. There certainly was peace and goodwill, but the traditional Christ? I don't think so, it all had a pre Christian somewhat sexual feel to it ... the land and the human body interacting through the spirits of form and creation. Humans and their nervous system became angels for the night. Or perhaps this is what the Christian experience is all about and we - as partakers in the post Victorian scientific culture - have just forgotten how.

By 5.00 am the crowd had faded. The numbers reduced to a couple of hundred by dawn, about 50 people greeted the day by mediation on a nearby hill. The photos were taken about 9 am after breakfast had been eaten, they show the remains of the tribal scene.

Saturday remained party day. People came and went, some dozed or chatted and all were involved with the music. Little was said in words but we all knew it had been good and the deed had been done.

The final musical set took place just before dusk on Saturday night. I meditated through some of this and noted that pan had become a huge centaur, with his human body in the air and his horse body reaching deep into the ground. I have no idea what this means.

A friend made the comment, "You know, the 500 people who attended the event left part of themselves behind. They are now linked to the being, the deva of the site. Spread out through Canberra they are there for the deva to use."


At the cook tent. Chi tea? Steven, "I tried some and it's terrible" Others, "Oh really, that's interesting."

Ben, the Technofest organizer is on the left. Dress ups, as on the right were an important part of the event for many people.

The Bibaringa caterpiller bulldozer. Prime mover in the event. It made the bon fire and roads possible. Note the two cat ladies standing on the left.

The bon fire with some of the morning after people. Behind is the hill on which some mediated at dawn.

The general scene. In the background is the Snowy Mountain wilderness with Mt Corree. In front is the entrance pyramid (with a panther lady in the suspended papsan chair). The bon fire is in the left foreground. The cook tent in the left background. The tennis nets were for video displays. Just viewable on the right is the suspended green parachute that was used as the stage set tent. The speakers stood near the dead tree in the middle. Now, weeks later, a large noticeable vortex reaches from earth to sky at the site. The narrow ley line to the Mt Corree wilderness can still be sensed. The nature of the consciousness that occupies the vortex? That's for you to judge, meditate into the photo.

The three way hug. The event brought out the need to hug.

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