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Bones at Glastonbell

This material also appeared in Glastonbell magazine.

Moving on @ Glastonbell

I've been coming to Glastonbell for years, perhaps as many as 15. It has seemed like forever. Philip became a firm friend and we have shared many of the locations numerous ups and downs.

It was the Kashmiri connection that brought Glastonbell to life. Gopi Nath Ji the Kashmiri mystic that spent his life working with Devas of place manifested into Philips life and helped form Glastonbell into the magical place it became - a place where human and devic energies could live together and communicate with each other.

On two occasions Gopi Nath Ji manifested to me too. During meditation a strong presence appeared and "told" me things - it wasn't a communication, it was a telling. I found this strange and asked Philip about it and he said, "yes, that's how it is, that's the Indian way."

I think that Philip's ideas about the Devic life at Glastonbell are best expresses in his book "The Dreaming". We had great fun writing it.

I remember siting in the longue room one wet day and Philip giving me bits and pieces of his writings to read. We both had time on our hands and the magic of Glastonbell was in the winter air.

We worked on the Dreaming MS. We wondered around, mediated, photographed and listened. Philip wrote and I prepared the material for printing.

"The Dreaming" appeals to about one reader in four, the fortunate few discover the trick of placing a mediation between the photos and the words. With that a connection can be made and the book springs to life.

Philip became known to the new age movement of the 1970's through his book, "Journey to Earths Dawning". The book is essentially the tale of his journeys to Kashmiri and Bali and how he brought back the energies of sacred sites to help with the 'Renewal of the Dreaming' - the Aborigines' awakening and sharing of their sacred site energies with people from outside their communities.

The "Renewal of the Dreaming" and comments about the book - placing it into a more recent context - are here. Also a free electronic copy of the book and other relevant material.

Devas of Place???

To keep it short and simple.

Consciousness is everywhere, perhaps it is the primary expression of life in intergalactic space. Trees have devas ... little flames of awareness that helps them to grow. Rock formations have consciousness, even an individuality that sensitive people can link into. Large hills and geographic areas also have a consciousness and this can be huge and complex.

An interesting thing about hill devas and landscape angels is that at some level they want and need people to connect them to others of their kind. They travel within the minds and bodies of people. An important example of this is Robin Adams story.

I suspect that Devas of place are influenced by humans and enjoy working with us. The smaller ones, like those attached to many of Glastonbell's sites are much like gnomes. They have a dreaming and like to share with us. The images and language they use varies to match what is in the minds of the people who approach them.

On my recent visits in Nov 03 and April 04 I found that the Kashmiri dreaming that Philip and others had brought to the sites is fading - there has been no one around to communicate with the Devas through Kashmiri thought forms and visualizations.

So the older Aboriginal patterns that have been woven into the landscape for thousands and thousands of years a beginning to reestablish themselves as the way the devas of place are sharing their communications with visitors.

On my last visit, bothered by poltergeist activity in the house, I struggled to find out why. From my dowsing I confirmed what many of us already suspected -that the house is on a song line... a dreaming line along which moves spiritual forms which can manifest themselves out of the Dreaming into the here and now under the right circumstances.

OK, what do I mean by the above? Well, I guess its much like the discovery by modern quantum physics that there are particles of matter that only exists when people search for them. It seems that some forms of matter seem to pre exists in some other reality but are brought into the here and now by people searching for and expecting their existence.

Another thing that became clear from my dowsing was that the Bell area is a virtual traffic circle of song lines. Lines along which people and spiritual forms have moved for thousands of years. Four or five major lines meet in the Bell area and many smaller ones (like the one that runs through the house) are also associated with the location.

The major lines seemed to run up to Dubbo, to the central coast, to the south coast, to the Bathurst area and the southern tablelands.

Yes, Bell was an important location. No wonder Glastonbell is so special.

But, I've come to suspect, that the really amazing and special thing about Glastonbell is that it was used by Aboriginal people to keep themselves and the landscape connected to the 'Sky Heros' who keep the Dreaming unfolding in the right way so as to keep the everything alive and healthy.

To explain this I need to present a startling and rather strange new idea ... actually it is found in most esoteric systems but seems strange when present in the language of modern science.

Over the years I have been studying the human personality I have come to the conclusion that we are really two things - earth body and higher self -quite different things that need to balance each other in our daily lives.

The earth body consciousness has its residence in the spine and the old brain. Higher self in the skull with its complex oversized brain (see also MacLean's theory of the Tripartite Brain).

The Human Antenna- click for larger image (opens new window in browser)

The spine and the rib cage can be seen as antennas that connect the earth brain to all the things on the earth. It has different focuses, which radiate and receive at different wave lengths. All this corresponds fairly well to the Indian ideas about chakras.

The skull with its brain is another antenna, a sort of mobile phone that tunes our consciousness to comes from intergalactic space ... out there are billions of Galaxies, with billions of solar systems with further billions of planets - and its all alive with consciousness at the devic, human and planetary levels.

Now, I suspect that clever men ( and all deep mediators) over the years develop consciousness links to other active consciousness on other planets. So clever men, mediators and the mystically religious become good channels for this intergalactic consciousness to manifest on earth.

We humans all instinctively know this. We revere the relics of saints and build churches and cathedrals to house them. We collect the 'pearls' left after monks have been cremated and build stupas around them.

Monk's bone pearls - click for larger image (opens new window in browser)

Over the years the energy that radiates from bones weakens but seems to infuse itself into the things it comes into contact with. So saint's relics are incased in jewels and put into churches. Monks' pearls are encased in stupas and aboriginal clever men's bones were placed in caves.

Saint's remains - St Gerald's bones - click for larger image (opens new window in browser)

Glastonbell's caves with their quartz chips and iron ore veins must have been used for this purpose with bones brought from far away to be placed into niches in the cathedral, goddess site and other places.

Sensing this I went into the cathedral area and tried to connect myself to the unfolding dreaming that may still be active in the site. I made some notes afterwards ...

Glasonbell Cathedral - click for larger image (opens new window in browser)

But first - and I think this is important - I staged a little corroboree dance on the white sand of the dish. As I danced I noticed a gnomish sort of being sitting on a rock behind me. So I performed for him. I acted out the totems of the devic energies of the area, the birds, the snakes, the wombat ... and whatever presented itself to my consciousness.

The gnome seemed to approve, He suggested I take along a stone to which would serve to represent him later on. I put it in my pocket and carried with me for the rest of the day.

Later, walking into the cathedral, I was aware that my gnomic friend, satisfied that I had performed the necessary ritual, allowed me into the space that would give me the information I was seeking.

I began to settle into meditation in the middle of cathedral, I placed my consciousness into a natch on the cliff in front on me. I made these notes later in the afternoon ...

Remember that every grain of salt crystal it captures the energy of its time and place. Locked into the crystal it is released when the salt dissolves.

The human body, the bones, capture much. They become links to other star beings, to consciousness that radiates from far away.

Gnomes treasure the energy that accumulates in the bones of clever men and try to preserve and protect it.

We need to reassure them that we are not going to desecrate the energy.

We to dance to acknowledge the totem beings of a location before we try to contact the sky heros.

This place housed the bones of clever men from the west - Dubbo, Forbes, Parkes, Bathurst ... and the Sydney side of the range.

Over about 200 years the bones decompose completely transferring their energy into the rocks, stones and surrounding area.

Every clever man had his own sky hero (or heros) who worked through him ... becoming a channel to keep the earth's dreaming alive. That's why Corroborees were so important, they made it possible for the dreaming to unfold - for the past and the present to become the future.

The gnomes want to keep the connection between the aboriginal elders and their sky heros open. They like being connected to intergalactic space and know that the connections are necessary to keep the earth healthy.

The dreaming, at any moment in time, is a mix of the spiritual influences that come from intergalactic space and things that are present on the earth. These influences mesh together and balance each other out in an 'ecological' way creating from the past and present a possible future.

If we ever loose the Dreaming - the connections to the consciousness that are focussed on other planets in intergalactic space than the earth will become a darker place because the earth powers, the Ahrimanic powers, will become more influential in the weave that is the unfolding of the future from the present and past. [see Three Streams of Evolution]

It seems that a connection between a clever man's sky hero and the distant devic consciousness can only happen when there is a direct line of sight - a straight line between here and there. So the position of the earth is in it' s rotation and orbit are important, even critical. This is the core of astrology.

So at that at any one time only a single links may be open at any one time. This is because the cathedral area is a deep and narrow slit, exposing only a small band of the sky.

So the jumble that comes from too much cosmic information, from too much input, is reduced to a manageable amount, allowing clearer links to be established.

The link that made itself open to me was 103.25 , that was the line of sight connection (I have no idea what the numbers mean!) It seemed to me that I had made a connection to an open valley spirit - a landscape angel of a river (was it water?) valley with rocks and low mossy like vegetation. It presented itself as a ball of light, a being that was looking after its valley but curious about events that were happening in the cathedral - now.

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