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Geomantic Energies

Geomantic energies affect the way people feel, think and behave. They are modified by town plans and and they reverberate within all structures.

Geomancy traditions are as old as the Indian Vedas and the Chinese I Ching. Recently ultra sensitive instruments are enabling us to develop scientific frameworks or geomantic understandings. In the Chinese tradition the words 'Feng Shui' are used to describe an aspect of geomantic influences.

Feng Shui translates literally as 'Water Wind' it describes unseen wind like currents that often behave like water. In the Chinese tradition the greatest consideration is given to the north to south energy flow. In many Australian sites ground energies are more important.

Shiva becomes a mnemonic for the major etheric energy pathways - click for larger image (opens new window on your browser)

Etheric Winds.

With torso and legs reversed the image of Shiva becomes a mnemonic for the major etheric energy pathways on the greater Asian landmass. In the Vedas Shiva is the God of creation who out of her radiating force creates the universe.

Shiva's etheric energies largely follow mountain ridges. They switch on and off and vibrate like a complex rhythmic dance. Some changes are swift, others are slow and significant. Shiva's etheric winds bring spiritual knowledge, wisdom and understanding

Currently, Shiva's etheric dance enlivens the Chinese and Japanese. In recent years the withdrawal of her etheric energies has contributed to the collapse of England, Europe, the Balkans and Kashmir. Her shifting rhythm has enlivened Bali and made Australia a major spiritual and intellectual growth point for the next century.

In the Western Occult tradition the Shiva mnemonic is known as the seven gateways to Tibet. Major changes take place every 300 to 700 years, with minor changes every now and again. In recent years flow patterns have profoundly changed.

In the 1960's the major etheric flow over Australia began to reverse bringing fresh, clear intellectual growth forces onto the continent. (These come from Antarctica and are perhaps associated with the ozone hole.) This energetic clean new force is gradually displacing the etheric flow that previously arrived from the north, spent and polluted from its journey over India and South East Asia.

History indicates that people move to places where the etheric energy is rich and clean, start families and develop new arts, understandings and civilisations. Traditionally migrations have followed the limbs of Shiva what will the future bring to Australia?

Many aboriginal Australians are aware that their ancestors ghosts are fading as the changed etheric winds usher in a new epoch. Unfortunately some of these ghosts cling to the present with an possessive and destructive and anger that causes havoc in Aboriginal communities. As white Australia moves towards a 'reconciliation' with Aboriginals the problem concerns everyone that live's in Australians.

Joints in Shiva's limbs are places of strong etheric energy. It is here that energies whirl and flow often to drift off like tufts of cloud to bring a "good day" to people in their path. Because Canberra nestles on the valley floor and is blocked by Mountains to the South it receives little direct etheric Shiva energy. An exception is in winter when cold high altitude winds billow down into the city.

Human thoughts and activities work their way into Shiva's etheric winds effecting people who live downwind. Mountains, in places where energy flows are strong are key places. Simla helped the British hold sway over India. Mt Athos for centuries was a focal point for the Balkans. Mt Tai Shan (the South Gate to Heaven) is regarded as the holy, central point of China. Uluru, is a whirl pool eddy and so strong and satisfying but not a useful place from which to send controlling forces into the Shiva's flow of consciousness. The Grampians, in SW Victoria, are far more important. Want to establish a monastery? Consider Mt Hope, Mt Kaputar or the Warrambungles.

Dawning energies associated with the earth's spin.

When the predawn sun hits the earth's high altitude plasma fields it generates an energy wave that all life on earth recognises as a vibration of caring love. This, as it works its way through the atmosphere generates prana (free floating positive energy particles) and stimulates all growth forces on the planet.

The direction of sunrise energies move with the seasons and are strongest around the winter solstice. They are an important consideration in the design of high rise apartments.

Sunset energies that enter cities and buildings from the west are usually polluted - having absorbed the days activities in an area. In primitive cultures the west was associated with the world of darkness and death. Heavy plantings, running water or good design are ways to minimise this effect.

The pleasures associated with sunrise energies help explain the popularity of the eastern seaboards of continents as places to settle and live. This is particularly true in Australia, where over the years everyone seems to have prefered to live on the coast. In the next few years this may change as the intellectual and spiritual refreshment associated with the shift in the etheric wind brings new life to Inland Australia.

The outflow of ground energies

Ground energies are place specific. Because sites vary so much it is hard to generalise about ground energies. The Chinese Feng Shul tradition is poor in its understanding of these essentially geological upwellings. Ground energies are largely the domain of the modern western dowser who often uses water diving rods or a pendulum to chart these forces. Ground energies are strong and important in most of Australia, they can ruin an otherwise good location. Sometimes, connected with ground energies, are Aboriginal spiritual forces - occasionally, these can be malevolent.

There are many suggestions for systems of grid patterns around the globe. These, like the facets of a crystal, conceive of the earth as being divided into segments. At times, and in some locations, these concepts are useful.

North to South energy flow

This generally follows compass orientation and clings to the earth much like washing water running over a plate. Generally close to the ground in good situations it can be given a health giving and invigorating positive spin by contact with mountain ranges, hills, trees, water courses or any of the other features that inhabit Chinese Feng Shui landscape. Eddies, rushing streams and stagnant patches of this chi energy are central to the geomantic art practiced by most Chinese Feng Shui exponents.

North to South energy is important in ceremonial Canberra. Northborne Ave reminds one of Bejing where a similar north/south axis runs through Emperors palace. In Bejing, as in Canberra, landscape features were created to enhance the flow of this energy.

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