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Meditation at St. Christopher's Catholic Cathedral in Canberra.

15th May 2002

The church is a large brick building, an unimaginative box in lovingly laid cream bricks. Anything but Gothic, it is weighty and heavy and pushes down into the earth.

As usual, I picked the mediation location with a pendulum. As I was dowsing I got the feeling that we were to sit on a dowsing line, a water line that ran from west to east under the back section of the church.

Only five of us made it to mediation this week. We entered the cold dark church and found the strong dowsing line which was centred directly between the east and west confessionals. The pews were narrow and hard. Behind us, on three walls, were pictures of the Pope in the Holy Land. Bizarre images of an old man trying to behave like a vigorous man.

At first I had difficulties with my meditation. My schooling with its chapel life came back to me in bits and pieces. The Jesuit fathers tried to divert our sexual needs away from masturbation and woman into prayer and devotion. The lectures in the chapel on the evils of masturbation, "Now somewhere in this group there must be a boy (singular) who masturbates!" We all squirmed in unison.

I let all that pass and let my mind sink deeper into the crevice under the pew expecting to find St. Christopher, the giant who is reputed to have carried Christ across the world waters linking heaven and earth.

To digress. You see, the giants - as in Jack and the beanstalk - live underground and occasionally (and very frighteningly) is a seen in caves, caverns and crypts. Perhaps the Yowies, Yeti's and the Bigfoot are near relatives. Probably one lived as the monster in the labyrinth on Minos. And of course Atlas and Hercules and near relatives.

But back to the story. St. Christopher was a giant who carried travellers. One day a toddler came to the bank and requested a ride across the raging waters of the river of transformation. St. Christopher lifted the toddler onto his shoulders, grabbed his staff and waded across the river. He barely made it to the opposite bank. Placing the toddler on the ground he said, "Child, you are terribly heavy! Why?" The child replied, "Because on my shoulders I carry on the weight of the world." The child was the infant Jesus.

After that the giants left the surface of the earth, returned underground and have never walked on the earth again. Christ became the new link between heaven and earth, the Savour, the new path of transformation.

And you know, of course, that St. Christopher is no longer a saint. He has been unSainted by the Catholic hierarchy. No such person ever existed, it is a pagan story. To appeal to St. Chris to help us journey across the waters of life is unChristian. Can't have that! Long live the Pope!

Well, there was sitting inside Christopher's house between the confessionals trying to find out what was happening underneath. First popped up strange animals, surprisingly like one finds an pictures relating to the game of dudgeons and dragons. Hydras with scales and tails. They were in a room, a large room which slowly developed into an exact copy of the Cathedral my body was sitting in up above. But it was underground and built with stones rather than cream bricks.

The reserved host on the altar glowed in deep maroon. Looking further I saw images much like those depicted by Heronomis Bosh in his painting of "The garden of earthly delights" and similar paintings supposedly depicting scenes from hell. Strange birds pecking people. People being tortured by sexual energy - energy generated from overindulgence. Naked bodies - everybody except the birds and the beasts were naked. Yes Bosh saw it well. The same scene must have been happening in parallel universe under medieval churches, perhaps even under whole medieval cities.

I floated over the middle of all this. I decided to check out the door, the south door, behind me. It lead me into a world of ice and snow, Antarctica perhaps. The western exit went to the Brindabella Mountains - the wilderness area to the west of Canberra. In the north just past the altar was a passageway to a world of fire nearer the centre of the earth, to a real hell of fiery transformation. And to the east out past the confessional was a link to Lake George, 20 kilometres to the Canberra's east.

"Enough!" I decided and tried to exchange Bosh's world for the Cathedral above. Slowly, very slowly the rocks became cream bricks and the underground space became a cold place with hard pews and a priest - dressed in black - preparing for the midday Mass. The underground reality had been far more alive and real than the church above.

I left the proximity of the confessionals - did the church really run on suppressed sexual energy? - and groped my way through the darkness, pushed my way through the exit door and was confronted by the cars buzzing passed outside. Thank God the doors openned in both directions.

The below is interesting. It discusses parallel universe underground cities. The author Tom Lucas sees them as real materialist locations. Note the fascinating reference to the gnome like need to trade in gold. I found it on www.think-about it.com/aliens/omega. The site file is 106 pages long. The piece below comes from page 65. Look it up if you want to discover more about some of the crazy hollow earth ideas - and much more - that are around on the web.

To get a rough idea of what a cavern map of the U. S. would look like, simply pull out a road map of any state and identify all of the dense population centers, be they cities or hamlets. Where there is a city on the surface of the earth, there is a city in the caverns below that city...'as above, so below.' The co-relation breaks down as the size of the population centers dwindle.

Cavern communities close to the surface are probably not completely self-supporting and require huge injections of funds to keep them going. These facilities lack the super-technologies of those caverns much deeper in the earth, and require much gold for trading with people within cities deeper in the Earth's crust. An ounce of gold in the underworld has as much or greater buying power than on the surface because the deeper super-productive cities need all the gold they can get and are willing to make generous trades for gold. This relieves the near-surface caverns of the burden of secreting goods and services from the surface world which would be a real security headache. (From page 65)

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