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Meeting History

Steven Guth

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Around Wee Jasper - in the Brindabella wilderness to the east of Canberra - rocks are cast into patterns like in this photo. Associated with them resides 'Goddess' beings with planetary consciousness. The similarities to Kashmir are striking

I use the word "conscious" because the embedded ideas which I am discussing are more than just pictures, they are interactive. They communicate with us, if we link ourselves to them during mediation they can respond to the thoughts and images that we carry in our heads.

I recently contacted an aspect of earth consciousness that was new to me. It was at Wee Jasper, a location in the Brindabella wilderness about an hour's drive north-west from Canberra. Exposed rocks like in the photo are common in the area, Burrinjuck Dam used to run its shore line into Wee Jasper but now it has receded to expose a tortured shore.

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At Wee Jasper, the Goodradigbee river races past on its way to Burrinjuck dam. Fossilised tree trunks lurk along the shore. Mediate in the location and you may contact the planetary guardians like I did. They told me about the flood and the sinking of Atlantis.

Sitting on the edge of the Goodabigbee river at noon I meditated and was met by the consciousness of which I speak. Planetary beings who contained the archetypes of the history of our planet. They were keen to tell me about the earth's past.

Six weeks after our Wee Jasper picnic I was handed three books by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas - 'The Hiram Key', 'The Second Messiah' and 'Uriel's Machine'. The books set out parallels between Masonic rituals and possible historical fact.

Leaving aside the author's assessments of early Jewish and Christian history and their ruminations on the probable links between the Knights Templar and the Masons, one comes to their most recent book, 'Uriel's Machine' published in 2000. In this they discuss early earth energy cultures, people who built 'machines' - earth mounds and circles - to record, predict and measure solar, planetary and stellar events.

These machines of six thousand years ago, circles and mounds, reverberated with solstice sunlight and planetary movements. These are locations where significant rituals were once performed perhaps for thousands of years. I suspect that these rituals, like those of the Egyptians and Aztecs, have left behind energy that we can tap into if we know the correct archetypal symbol.

The five pointed star is such a symbol, it represents the movement of the planet Venus against the fixed stars, the stellar zodiac, every forty years; after which it returns to very near its original position. These early machines helped people link to this energy in ceremonial events which included a great deal of emphasis on sex and procreation. To the ancients with their strong links to planetary consciousness the seasonal movements of birth and change were vital. They worked the human conception, gestation and birthing times so that significant 'star blessed beings' would be born into their society.

Venus and the Zodiac
The path Venus traces around the circle of the Zodiac

The energy created by Venus conception and birthing rituals still reverberates around the earth. It is an archetypal energy that can be tapped into by using the symbol of the pentagram. Small wonder that witches find it such a useful symbol for the working of their craft.

But enough of this. To me the most interesting piece of information in 'Uriel's Machine' is an explanation of the flood that comes out of modern science rather than historical myth. It explains the persistence of race memory myths from all around the world and the dramatic decrease in biological and genetic diversity that occurred about 10,000 years ago. It also sheds some light on the Atlantis myth, a archetypical idea that just won't go away.

You see, the flood was an interplanetary not a planetary event. It took place, give or take a few years in 7640 BC when a comet broke up and crashed down into the oceans, perhaps more or less as indicated by the map. The result were tidal waves that ran across land masses to a calculated height of 5 kms. Then followed rain, lots of it as the splashed up water created a Green House atmosphere around the planet.

Tidal waves 5 kms high seem unlikely to us earthlings living out our planetary life, but on a galactic scale they are tiny events. Astronomers began to seriously consider the effects of comets when comet Shoemaker-Levy impacted on Jupiter in 1994 and caused huge ripples that lasted for months. Computer models of wave motion are well developed and show that the speed of a comet impacting on Earth would be sufficient to splash around lots of water, particularly if it impacted in a deep part of the ocean. The result would be massive waves, floods and lots of rain. Considerable collaborative Scientific evidence for this event exists. The most telling is a huge peak in nitric acid deposited within the Greenland's ice at this time. An Austrian couple, Geologists Alex and Edith Tollmann have compiled collaborative scientific evidence of the event. All this is frustratingly difficult to access on the web.

So much for the flood, now for Atlantis. The authors of "Uriel's Machine" tell of the mounds and circles that were probably built before the first major splashdown in 7640 BC. I get the impression that the builders of these machines were not spurred by scientific curiosity or religious awe. I suspect (or so the Wee Jasper planetary guardians suggest to me) that these people lived in an interactive relationship with the consciousness of devas, gods, people and the intelligences that exists on other planets in the total universe - a totality consisting of billions upon billions of galaxies, solar systems and planets.

These machines with their mounds, tunnels and orientations pointing to star systems seemingly helped them pin-point, contact and work with these galactic intelligences.

The guardians also suggest to me that they are looking forward to the time when human interaction with extraterrestrial intelligences will again be a part of conscious planetary life.

I suspect that in the pre-7640 BC time period - the age of Atlantis - the contact with extra terrestrial intelligence was part of the daily routine. I also suspect that the people of the time combined this intelligence with forces that exist deep within the earth. It may have been a case of much too much, and much too soon, for the small number of people on the planet able to work interactivity with the consciousnesses involved. So when splash down and the flood came the age of Atlantis disappeared ... perhaps remnants of it survived and spread around the world as esoteric tradition likes to suggest.

Incidentally a comet that is flying directly towards the earth could well look like a swastika - certainly a portent of changes to come. Definitely an Archetype to consider!

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