Summer Solstice and Ascension

by Steven Guth

Mt Stromlo Ridge

I went to the top of Mt Stromlo today and took photos -- returning to my the windy home on the ridge to meditate and write.

For a few days before the summer solstice I've been aware of activity on the hill. Movement, weavings around and about. Strange energies bursting down and spreading in shimmering waves over the landscape.

And I felt my eyes were being used to see Canberra with its hills and energy patterns ... eyes being used?

Yes, I've confronted two blind people over this. Gerald knew what he was doing and readily admitted to it. The other, well, she was learning how to use my eyes and couldn't get any strong impressions.

And yes, horses do it all the time. Horses have wide angle stereoscopic vision without a point of focus. Ride a horse and he uses - or will try to use - your eyes to see what's up ahead. From his point of view this is a pretty good idea when you're asked to gallop down a rocky track.

I suspect whoever or whatever was using my eyes sees things in narrow unfocused bands. I suspect that he, or it, came from the Stromlo space port.

No, I don't mean that there is a fleet of space ships parked around the astronomers' domes. Stromlo hill has been used to think about the stars for 90 years. So not surprising that its curiosity has been responded to. Send out a thought wave and you get an instant response. Send out a question and will gather around lots of answers and still more questions.

I've be to lectures in the auditorium. During question time there were some really helpful ideas floating around ... think past E=MC squared. Einstein's constant, a useless path to follow, think of something else. And so on.

It's the solstices when Canberra's space ports seem the most open. A year and a half ago I had a strange experience on Canberra's space needle/telecommunications tower. On the windy midwinter day four of were drawn to give some part of our personality - probably the compassion channel - for use by a being that wanted to place a thought form into the central core of parliament house. (I have written a draft of this experience - it will soon be on this site).

But it that was a year and a half ago this solstices it was different. It was about curiosity and it used my eyes to learn what is here. Its curiosity seemed centered around the activities of the large Devas.

That was yesterday, today it seems to have withdrawn most of its personality leaving just a "watcher" around our ridge top house.

About Ascension.

This morning, the morning after the shortest night, I had a scary experience during meditation. In the area ontop of Stromlo hill, between the pines, there was a vortex, an uprush of energy. It was drawing into itself many of the elemental spirits from the location. Gnomes rushed into the vortex to be sucked out of the here and now. It all seemed very exciting and very desirable - everything rushed forward to be drawn up into the sky. I felt that a part of myself was being drawn into the vortex - I pulled back and closed down my meditation.

Visiting the site later I took digital photos. The site felt good, clean but still a bit open. I indulged myself by sitting on a cement pith that just happens to be there.

The Australian National Univerisite's head astronomer is buried on the hill. His grave is just a short walk past the laser ranging facility with its beams of light - light that is visible only in the evening mist - and totally unknowable in the day.

Canberra 23. 12. 01

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