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29 April 2006

Added Canberra - its Geomantic realities

2 June 2004

Added Aboriginal Spirituality - Transcript of a Talk on Aboriginal Spirituality, to the Swedenberg church group in Ainslie, Canberra, and Bones at Glastonbell - Thoughts on Glastonbell, Devas of Place, and the human antenna system.

20 May 2004

Geomantic Energies - Shiva's etheric energies and their influence upon the Earth, and the interplay with human thoughts and activities.

26 August 2003

Added Thoughts on Post Operation

9 December 2002

Added Canberra & the Griffins. a Theosophical view, and Meeting History

7 June 2002

Added complete text of Philip Simpendorfer's book Journey to Earth's Dawning

29 May 2002

Added Crop circles - an esoteric perspective

Added a lot of new material pertaining to Journey to Earth's Dawning - Philip Simpendorfer, interviewed by Steven Guth

23 May 2002

Meditation at St. Christopher's Catholic Cathedral in Canberra

24 December 2001

Added Evolution section, photo album, Towards an Ecognostic Evolutionary Paradigm, Summer Solstice and Ascension, relocated A New Zoology and Gaiasophy, modified Canberra article,

21 December 2001

Over the last week or so:

Steven's bio

Added more text to Understanding Devas

Added quotes on Devas and Men and Angel Houses

Changed Ecognosis index page slightly

added photos to several of the book reviews

10 December 2001

Added Homodynamics, About Biodynamic "500" spray, and Steven and Kathrine share some thoughts after a visit to China

10 December 2001

Added two book reviews - the Bodhisattva of Compassionand the I Ching.

Modified the Index page slightly.

5 December 2001

Book Review section added.

27 November 2001

The Cosmos, involution and evolution. Devas are the brings of creation page added.

24 November 2001

Further modified the Index page.

23 November 2001

Added the following pages - Considering Islam, Spiritual Canberra, Understanding Devas, Dowsing, Dreaming - How to access Sacred Sites, A technomusic event, and Trolls

22 November 2001

Upgraded the Index page. Added flier on Thai Buddhism.

19 November 2001

Uploaded first Ecognosis web pages! Some pages were transfered from the Gaiasophy directory. The Index page is new. More material to be added.

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