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The Meme/Theme of Root Races

The Theosophical and Anthroposophical idea (or meme/theme) of Rounds and Root-Races; of transformation through successive cosmic cycles represmnt an intriguing example of what I call mythohistory, that is, an imaginal account of the history of the Earth.

Unfortunately both Blavatsky and Steiner remained excessively anthropocentric in their cosmologies.  They, and all their followers, were still trapped by a Judeo-Christian ethic which demanded that man be seen as the centre and pivot of all creation.  Even today neiethr Theosophy nor Anthroposophy are unable to break with their past.

Instead of this conservative ethic, and in keeping instead with the newly emerging Ecological spirituality, the Spirituality of all Nature ("Gaia", "Deep Ecology", and Environmentalism), I propose a Biocentric ("life-centred") rather than an Anthropocentric ("human-centred") cosmology.  I am interested in adopting what is useful (whether as metaphor, myth, or actual occult reality) from these belief-systems, but without having to swallow their obsolete late 19th / early 20th century thought-processes.

I propose that the Theosophical/Anthroposophical Root Races are a confusion of the following:

With this paradigm, it may indeed be possible to explore the unification of evolutionary science and esotericism in a non-anthropocentric manner.

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