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Image of Lucifer, from two very different websites, external link Demonology – A Who’s Who of the Demon World By Martin J. Clemens (June 7, 2009) (informative but rather dry academic style article) and external link Divine Rebels, Alien Dissidents! are 'Lucifer, Prometheus & Quétzalcoatl' a pro-human faction in the "Alien Raj"? by C. Scott Littleton [November 5, 2003] (New Age speculative Ancient Astronauts cosmology - initially appeared in UFO Magazine [April/May 2002]. That such opposite articles could be written on the same subject (and use the same image) shows the diversity of human interpretation of gods and demons

By Adverse or Anti-Divine is meant the opposite of the Divine Reality. Just as there is a spiritual impulse that furthers the unfolding of the Divine in and as the world, so there is one that resists or opposes it. Both are necessary, this is the dualistic nature of relative existence. Of course, at the transcendent level, there is only the Supreme, the adverse doesn't even exist. This is why nondual teachings do not consioder subjects like evil. But for one who seeks an integral transformation of the world, and the Divinisation of matter and the Earth as a whole, everything has to be considered, universally.

It is also worth mentioning that while some adverse beings are extremely ugly and hateful, and irredemably bad, not all anti-Divine forces are necessarily negative. There are some that represent Light that has fallen, as in the classic story of Lucifer, and these have to be converted to the Light. Through their conversion, they become more powerful forces for good than beings that have never fallen into darkness at all.

And it is the same with humans as well. This is probbaly the reason why the Divine allows evil to exist, rather than dissolving it all in an instant.

In this way, even adverse beings will be converted, and evil and negativity will be transformed and tarnsmuted into Light, or else totally dissolved. Such is the nature of the Divine Plan. In this regard the Integral path differs from the acosmic and pessimistic cyclic worldview.

People of the Lie

People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil
by M. Scott Peck
I briefly read this book some years ago and it made a bifg impression on me; I should reread it.

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