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Personal and Transpersonal Planets

A distinction is made between the personal planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, the personal-transpersonal, planets Jupiter and Saturn, which represent a transition from the inner personal planets to the outer modern, impersonal planets, and the outer fully transpersonal planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (according to the Wikipedia link "Wikipedia page also called the collective or transcendental planets). These latter three are called transpersonal because they move so slowly relative to the Earth that they effect generations rather than individuals. Although more commonly used to define planets, this classification, it seems from Wikipedia link "Wikipedia - citing external link An Introduction to Astrology. that it is now considered valid for signs as well; yet another example of blurring and simplificication, but also systematisation, of zodiacal, planetary, and house attributes in archetypal typlogy, so there is only one set of archetypes, rather than three or more. This cycle of personal and transpersonal is used as a metaphorical descriptor of the process of birth, development, and death, of humans, societies, or even humanity. (Wikipedia - citing external link Introduction to Astrology. Self Healing Australia.

In my own system of transformative stages (Integral Transformation) Personal and Interpersonal (= Personal-Transpersonal) represent dualistic consciousness, Transpersonal represents holistic, and to a lesser extent esoteric/gnostic.

Wilberian and Beckian Integral theory also independently arrives at exactly the same hierarchical classification. In Spiral Dynamics (Beck and Cowan), Personal would be early stages like "red" and Transpersonal would be later stages like "green" and later. In Wilber's hierarchy of ethics. Personal would be Egocentric, Interpersonal/ Personal-Transpersonal would be Ethnocentric, and Transpersonal-proper would be Worldcentric and Kosmocentric

This same trilogy is found in Barbara Brennan's mapping of auric layers; the lowest triad being Personal, the Astral Interpersonal, and the highest triad transpersonal.

Stage Modern Astrology Barbara Brennan Beck & Cowan Wilber - "altitude" My map of transformative stages
Transpersonal / Transcendent Neptune
Causal (Ketheric Template) Body
Celestial Body
Etheric Template body
Kosmocentric (3rd Tier)
(2nd Tier)
Worldcentric (1st Tier)
Personal-Transpersonal Jupiter

Astral Body
Personal Mercury
Mental Body
Emotional Body
Etheric Body
Physical Body


Note that the planets are not in their usual order. I have rearranged them somewhat to try to get a "best fit" with the other correspondences

Of course, these levels apply with all the psycho-social archetypes (signs and planets), so it is simplistic and misleading to make these associations in such a fixed-mental way. Neverthless, such abstractions are common in New Age, New Paradigm, Integral, and Esoteric thought, and may even refer to actual equivalences, albeit distrorted through cultural and memetic biases.

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