Cyberpunk Art and Graphics

The following two pictures are from a Cyberpunk Site called Cyberpunk Gallerie which is no longer current.  I thought therefore I should put them up here

Here are some thumbs - click to view the larger picture.

cyberpunk girl Future City
another image from Cyberpunk Gallerie:
A rather unhappy-looking girl
The ugly and ridiculous mechanical arm is very much based on the Cyberpunk 2.0.20 role-playing game
This Bladerunner-esque city is from Reactor Gallery, another good site which no longer seems current.  It was originally the background for the index page of the "Real Doll" site (life-like and life size plastic sex-doll)

Smileys - by Jack Cleveland - from Blue Moon Rising

Links to more Cyberpunk art

web site Keith Wigdor - Cyberpunk / Surreal / Abstract Artwork

web site some good abstract cyberpunk art here  by Kabir Fernandez

Professional Graphics Design Sites with a Cyberpunkish feel

web site Digital Blasphemy - features "hi-res original 3d-rendered computer desktop wallpapers, animated windows startup screens, tutorials on making your own 3d art, and links to some of the best computer art sites on the web." - the image on the index page is very VR cyberperpunkish I thought

web site Braid Media Arts - "We are here to explore  art, vision and the genius of friendship"

See also...

web site Russell Dove's Cybernetic Gallery - "Influenced by futuristic films like BladeRunner and science fiction animated features like Aeon Flux, I have developed a unique style of painting. All of my works involve cybernetics, are painted with acrylic paint, and are abstracts. Thus, I call my collection Cybernetic Acrylic Abstracts. Cybernetics, as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary (1983), is the theoretical study of control processes in electronic, mechanical, and biological systems. It was my intent to aesthetically combine these three systems into one." - not actually Cyberpunk, but still interesting...

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