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Cyberpunk is a genre that has a rich roleplaying facet to it.  There area  number of sites on the Web, mostly based on by external link R. Talsorian Games Cyberpunk and Cybergenerations.  Another popular game, Shadowrun, is a cyberpunk cross-over.  There is also a roleplaying game called CyberSpace which seems pretty similar to Cyberpunk and has good character archetypes, but it has been out of print for some years.

web pageincludes links Cyberpunk The Role Playing Game of the Dark Future -  by R. Talsorian Games - the official site.  Here's the source of my little cyberpunk logo - lol!  ;-)
The characters in Cyberpunk are rather like aggressively pumped-up psychopaths than the more restrained characters of Gibson or Sterling.   Guns, armour, cyborg limbs, implants, boostergangs, killing and looting everywhere.  But then that's role playing for you  ;-)

web pageincludes links Cybergenerations - originally a spin-off of Cyberpunk 2020, Cybergenerations features kids infected with a nanovirus  that gives them super-powers (the cyber-evolved)  battling against the ruthless Incorporated States of America.   Less guns, more thinking for this one.  The archetypes for the yogangs (youth gangs) and the evolved are very interesting.  Personally I can see the cyborg of the future being much more like these characters (nano-enhanced) then the crude right-metal-arm bozos of the universe.  However the centralised Big Brother government doesn't gell with the way the world is going (decline and fall of the nation-state)

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