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In view of the dark and bleak yet fast paced quality of Cyberpunk, it is not surprising that the Cyberpunk mythos has been crossed with a similarily bleak but alluring mythology, the vampire.

Two examples can be mentioned here.

Microprose's Computer Game Bloodnet (ironically one of the few cyberpunk games available on 'puter - and even then it is not pure cyberpunk!)

web pageBloodNet - a good review by Jeff Pack,

printed reference The Cyberpunk Alternative Reality Universe RPG - Incorporates the vampire mythos.  Some good character development.

Lovecraft - Cthulu mythos

Personally I find Lovecraft heaps more interesting than vampires, but that is just my own preference

web page Fallen Future: Cyberthulhu Gaming - by Sandy Antunes - integrates Chaosium's "Call of Cthulhu" system witha  cyberpunk future reality, with a module set in Baltimore in the post-2000 era. The timeline sets up a possible world for Cyberpunk/Cthulhu adventuring.   Includes some links.


Shadowrun is a popular role playing game that combines Cyberpunk and Fantasy-type sorcery and characters

links to be added here....

Cyberpunk-Magial Realism

The only example of this (but still very popular) is Jeff Noon's novels Vurt and Pollen

Cyberpunk-Space Opera

Space Opera is set in deep space.  Cyberpunk is generally not about outer space (except for space stations in near-earth orbit).  The idea of cyberpunk is that things will come to a head long before man explores the universe.  Nevertheless, here are several cyberpunky (in a fashion) novels set in space (or involving outerspace)

books Bruce Sterling - Schizmatrix
Walter Jon Williams - Voice of the Whirlwind
                               - Angel Station

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