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Delinks by Phil Flora - on-line Cyberpunk story - complete with cool llustrations!  More than a story, it's also a Webmovie; sets are created in a PC and actors were captured directly onto hard disk using a video camera and capture card.

Here is a Cyberpunk Short Story I have written :-)


and here is another one:

Hap New Year - by M. Alan Kazlev

Syndorphin and Hap New Year graphics by Bernd 2000

Catgirl Paradise
not only stories but a superbly presented page as well - by Ken Stone

Stories Stories - a number of short stories at this site - maintained by Mario Hilgemeie
 A Cyberpunk Novel-in-Progress - by Jeff Green
Web SiteLiteraric stuff - short stories by Tom Eicher

Web SiteDark Lethe is a collaborative story environment in which writers can create stories that interconnect, conflict, and conjoin in a new hyperlinked structure. Based in a virtual world of the future where VR is reality with all its pleasure and pain, Lethe is a place of danger and discovery where users stripped of their physical flesh can rediscover or recreate themselves. - an on-going hypertext fiction and collaborative writing project

Cyberpunk - project Jericho Cyberpunk - project Jericho - A website that is attempting to gather as much original cyberpunk short fiction as web views have to offer.

Duke of HellCyberpunk Duke of Hell's Cyberpunk - includes a number of online short stories

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