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Voiceless - the Animal Protection instituteVoiceless - an Australian Animal Protection institute, which envisions a world in which animals are treated with respect and compassion. From the website

Voiceless is an independent non-profit think tank dedicated to alleviating the suffering of animals in Australia. Established by father and daughter team, Brian Sherman AM and Ondine Sherman, Voiceless:

Facebook page ANTI SPECIESISM, ANTISPECISME - facebook group

Veganarchism Facebook page Veganarchism - facebook group, Wikipedia link Wikipedia page; external link Veganarchy zine

Blueprint for a Post-Darwinian Transition The Hedonistic ImperativeThe Hedonistic Imperative - David Pearce - an application of transhumanism that proposes using nanotechnology and genetic engineering to eradicate negative experience (pain and suffering ) in all sentient life. Advanced technology can use paradise-engineering to craete a post-darwinian world free of suffering. Facebook page The Hedonistic Imperative - facebook group. Wikipedia link Abolitionism - Wikipedia (ethical philosophy inspired by The Hedonistic Imperative

blog Dawn of a new era - blog that covers vegan, animal rights, activist, and otehr issues

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