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The on-going upgrade of the Kheper site is, as with everything, likely to take a long time. This will involve converting the present, rather static html to dhtml (dynamic html). This is actually a three-fold upgrade of the entire site that will involve the following:

Streamlining individual pages by fixing up the sloppy and bloated html made using Netscape's useful but imprecise Page Composer freeware WYSIWYG Web Editor (it comes bundled with Communicator, go to menu at top of page, click on Communicator, then select Composer). However many professional WYSIWYG packages, like the industry standard Dreamweaver, also produce bloated code.

Converting to external link Cascading Style Sheets (CCS for short). The advantages of using CCS are more concise code which means faster loading times, greater ease and flexibility of formatting, a more uniform presentation of the overall site, and the ability to simulttaneously alter the presentation (but not the content) of every page that is linked to a style sheet.

The disadvantage of style sheets is that they do not work with older browsers, like Netscape Navigator 3. If you are one of the 3 % or 4% out there who still use these older browsers you will still see the same content and images, but the presentation will be more basic.

Better and Clearer Menus. As each section is revised, there is a menu header and footer to help with navigation in the Kheper site as a whole.

Incorporating more interactivity with javascript mouseovers. I was going to have popup boxes, and other special effects, but decided to just keep things simple.

One can also use javascript and java applets to increasing novelty - the amount of newness and aliveness. Rather than return to a page that is always the same (except when I get around to updating it), it is impossible to incorporate random quotes, a dynamic slideshow of images, and so on. So far, nothing much has come of this, Currently I am concerned with just putting more info up.

One task that is greatly overdue is streamlining the site as a whole by getting rid of some of the dead "under construction" pages that I havent done anything with in the past two years, and combining some of the shorter pages into a fewer number of larger, more interesting pages

As each page is revised I also try to add even more links between different pages and topics, and check for dead links (although sometimes I miss them so if you find any pleaselet me know).

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